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Sports and fitness • 60 capsules

Vendor: f1c1f22d5242 Categories: Preparations in capsules


Powerful energy and oxygen support before competitions or training. It is difficult to imagine a more effective legal doping

  • A huge amount of cordyceps will saturate every cell of your body with incredible energy.
  • Chaga will stimulate metabolism, support respiratory functions and prevent red blood cells from gathering into conglomerates during intense physical exertion.
  • Autumn pollen will fill your tissues with oxygen.

Autumn honeydew (Armillaria borealis) fruit body powder
Chaga (Inonotus obliquus f. sterilis) sclerotia powder
Cordyceps armed (Cordyceps militaris) powder of fruit bodies

Activated (frozen) fine powders of wild autumn open, chaga and cordyceps were used to compile the matrix. Mushrooms are dried at a temperature of 30-35 ° C, which ensures complete preservation of pharmacological qualities. The drug contains a full range of components: polysaccharides, glycoproteins, ergosterol, phytosteroids, triterpenoids, melanins, organic acids, vitamins, trace elements and other bioactive substances that provide ease of breathing, saturation of tissues with oxygen and powerful energy support.

The course consists of 60 capsules of 0.3 g of powder each. Capsules are optimal to take two before a regular workout or 3-5 before serious competitions, at least an hour before the start . When used daily as a sports tonic (for example, before a daily jog), one capsule should be taken, necessarily in the morning. The drug does not conflict with other courses or medications.
If you have a current medical condition or are taking medications, consult a healthcare professional or a fungotherapist before using this product.


Detailed information about the ingredients:


Chaga contains water–soluble chromogens – derivatives of phenolic aldehydes, polyphenols, oxyphenol carboxylic acids and their quinones, as well as humin-like chaga acid (up to 60%), polysaccharides (beta-glucans), lignin, fiber, phytosterols (for example, lanosterol and ergosterol), pteric compounds, organic acids (including oxalic acid up to 4.5%), triterpenic acids (including betulinic acid), free phenols, salts of silicon, iron, aluminum, calcium, magnesium, sodium, zinc, copper, manganese, potassium.

The pronounced physiological activity of chaga preparations is due to the presence of a large amount of chaga acid, which dissolves in water and gives infusions of this mushroom a brown hue. Chaga increases the protective reactions of the body, activates the metabolism in the brain tissue, which is manifested by an increase in the bioelectric activity of the cerebral cortex. Chaga acts anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and also delays the growth of some tumors and enhances the cytostatic effects of cyclophosphane. A decoction of the mushroom reduces arterial and venous pressure, reduces the pulse.

Chaga is used for gastritis, peptic ulcer and other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Chaga quickly relieves pain and dyspeptic phenomena, normalizes intestinal function, increases overall tone. The positive effect of chaga on patients with gastrointestinal diseases is confirmed by the data of X-ray studies.

Chaga is indicated for malignant tumors, especially for cancer of the stomach, lungs and other organs in the last stage, when it is impossible to use radiation therapy and surgery. There is no cure for cancer in the terminal stages, but there is a significant improvement in the general condition of the patient (symptomatic use).

In otolaryngological practice, the infusion of chaga is used as a remedy for laryngeal tumors in the form of inhalations for 5-6 minutes daily for 10 days. Treatment with chaga improves the general condition of patients, eliminates swallowing disorders, reduces hoarseness of voice, improves breathing, reduces the concomitant inflammatory process, providing an opportunity to review the tumor for the purpose of biopsy and the choice of a method of further treatment. Chaga preparations are used in dentistry for the treatment of periodontal disease (injected into gum pockets, taken orally).

Chaga is a unique remedy for the elderly, activating the metabolism in the brain tissue, normalizing the work of the stomach and intestines. The use of drugs from chaga, which have hypoglycemic and anti-lipid effects, helps to reduce blood sugar levels, is indicated for diabetes, and also helps to eliminate the consequences of stroke.

Chaga stimulates the immune system by exhibiting an immunomodulatory effect against cytokinins and interleukins, and increasing the production and activity of macrophages and natural killers.

The antiviral activity of the infusion of chaga was confirmed due to the content of betulin, hypolone, lupeol and mycosterols. The pulp extract is effective against the AIDS virus, and the extract of the outer black crust destroys influenza A and B viruses by 100%.

And the main thing you should know about chaga: chaga is the most powerful antioxidant in the world. Therefore, it is an almost absolute prevention of carcinogenesis.

Statistics of regions where the population regularly consumes chaga as a tea drink shows that the percentage of cancer there is ten times lower. Constant consumption of chaga two or three times a week will serve you as a reliable and inexpensive prevention of cancer in all its forms.

In folk medicine, chaga in the form of an infusion or as part of herbal preparations is used to treat prostate adenoma and mastopathy. There was also a positive effect in the treatment of skin diseases (psoriasis, eczema, etc.) and the use of chaga as an analgesic and tonic.

Given the beneficial effect of chaga on the skin, in recent years, homemade preparations from it have become widely used in the manufacture of medicinal cosmetics. There are a number of proven folk remedies based on chaga, which also prove to be effective in solving various cosmetic problems. Chaga is effective in eliminating signs of skin aging (wrinkles and weakening of tone), photo damage, dark circles and puffiness around the eyes, scars, skin fatigue, acme, enlarged pores, poor blood microcirculation, symptoms of cellulite and stretch marks. It is also useful for skin damaged by chemical peeling, laser resurfacing and other cosmetic procedures.

As a rule, for the manufacture of medicinal cosmetics at home, you should first prepare a basic infusion, which serves as the basis for further manipulations.

For prevention, it is better to take the mushroom in the form of tea, brewed in a thermos or cooked by boiling.

Autumn honeydew

Autumn honey mushrooms are rich in vitamins. Among them are vitamins A, B2, B3, B6. There is a high content of polysaccharides and trace elements (iron, potassium, magnesium, copper, zinc, etc.). The presence of such a “pharmacy” allows the open to be a universal tonic and stabilizer of the overall positive state of the body. Openok has a positive effect on high blood pressure, impaired vision, diseases of the digestive tract and respiratory diseases, increases blood flow to the brain and heart, acts as a sedative, protects against the ionizing effects of radiation.
Sesquiterpenoids of autumn openka work as antidepressants. Chinese biochemists have established the inhibitory effect of autumn open extract on the development of some cancer lines. European scientists have confirmed the antibacterial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects of this mushroom. It has been shown that autumn openca preparations can be successfully used against Staphylococcus aureus. Alcohol extract has an anti-inflammatory effect by increasing the production of cytokinins and inhibiting NO (nitric oxide) and COX-2 (cyclooxygenase enzyme). The aqueous extract, according to the research of Korean specialists, promotes immunomodulation by directing immune cells to the sites of inflammation. In addition, drugs that reduce cholesterol and balance blood sugar levels have been created. In many countries, official medicine uses commercial openca drugs for the treatment of nervous and cardiovascular diseases. Currently, a drug against eclampsia has been developed on the basis of autumn openka (eclampsia is a disease that occurs during pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period, in which blood pressure reaches such a high level that the life of the mother and child is threatened; it is a form of late pregnancy toxicosis). In experiments on mice, the antianoxic effect of an aqueous extract of fruit bodies has been shown. This makes it promising to use mushroom extracts in conditions when the body tissues lack oxygen, and for inclusion in sports nutrition formulations. Efficacy against Alzheimer’s disease has been shown. The mushroom contains a high amount of melanins, which brings its action closer to the action of chaga.

In folk medicine, mushroom infusions are used as an analgesic (heart and headaches), in Austria, autumn honeydew is used as a laxative and in the form of ointment — for the treatment of diseases of the legs and joints.
As a medicinal product, not only fruit bodies are used, but also rhizomorphs of the autumn open. Rhizomorphs are thick black—brown cords of the mycelium extending from the base of the mushrooms. Sometimes they entangle the whole tree in a dense net. Preparations from rhizomorphs are used for lower back pain, and protein “loaves” are also prepared from them for diabetic patients.
In traditional Chinese medicine, the tincture of autumn honey is used as a tonic. In addition, tablets used for photophobia, headaches, neurasthenia, insomnia and convulsions are made from the powder of dried fruit bodies. Other Chinese preparations from this mushroom are prescribed for gastritis, impaired vision, dry skin, respiratory diseases, high blood pressure (positive effect confirmed by clinical trials), spasms and for nervous relaxation. Fermented juice of autumn honey is used for liver diseases, tinnitus, Meniere’s syndrome (inner ear disease) and rehabilitation after a stroke.
There are interesting data from Chinese and Japanese researchers who claim that water and alcohol extracts, as well as cultural mycelium condensate, increase the duration of sleep and enhance the effect of hypnosis.


According to its medicinal, tonic and adaptogenic properties, cordyceps armed practically does not differ from Chinese cordyceps, but is much weaker (5-10 times). This determines an impressive difference in cost. To get a similar effect, you either need to eat 5-10 times more cordyceps powder than Chinese, or use it in the form of fine powder, which significantly increases digestibility. In general, in terms of the use of “Russian” cordyceps is similar to Chinese in everything.

According to recent studies, in terms of anticancer activity, cordyceps armed is practically not inferior to cordyceps Chinese.