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FungiDog “Pain, joints, increased loads, recovery after competitions” • 200 g

Vendor: 972af949b454 Categories: Mushroom veterinary medicine


Joints are the most vulnerable part of the musculoskeletal system. They break down with age and from physical exertion, become inflamed, stop working properly, cause pain. However, the right combination of active substances of fungi, plants and animals will help solve these problems for any breed and at any age, with the most intensive training and physical exertion. Our new multicomponent author’s collection, including mushrooms, lichens, plants, chicken egg membrane and green mussel meat extract, will create a real miracle with your pet’s joints, and at the same time support muscles, tendons and relieve pain.


Green mussel meat will provide lubrication of joints, improve their cushioning properties and give constant “maintenance” and “repair” of cartilage
The membrane of a chicken egg will enrich the joints with hyaluronic acid and collagen and provide them with support, recovery and protection from inflammation
Chaga in the collection will work as a general tonic and energizer, activates metabolism and provides anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects
Cetraria will help to recover after heavy training or physical exertion
Turmeric is a well—known remedy for arthrosis, rheumatism and arthritis, joint and spine pain

Meat of New Zealand green-lipped mussel (Perna canaliculus) dry extract
Chicken egg membrane (inner lining film) powder
Chaga (Inonotus obbliquus) sclerotia powder
Cetraria icelandica (Cetraria islandica) powder layers
Turmeric long (Curcuma longa) rhizome powder

For the preparation of activated (frozen) fine powder, sclerotia of chaga (Inonotus obbliquus) and layers of Iceland cetraria (Cetraria islandica) collected in various regions of Russia were used. Chaga is dried at a temperature of 30-35 ° C, cetraria, turmeric and chicken egg membrane — at 30 ° C, which ensures maximum preservation of pharmacological qualities. Green-lipped mussel meat extract is exported from New Zealand. The drug contains a full range of components: polysaccharides, ergosterol, triterpenoids, melanins, as well as enveloping, restoring cartilage, bone and muscle tissue and other bioactive substances that provide maximum support for the pet’s musculoskeletal system, especially in old age and with active training and significant physical exertion.

В банке содержится 200 грамм смеси.

Препарат следует принимать строго согласно графической инструкции, размещенной на банке или на сайте, которая учитывает вес питомца. Норма приема указана в граммах и в чайных ложках, причем имеется ввиду чайная ложка БЕЗ ВЕРХА. Смесь следует использовать согласно назначению ежедневно в перечисленных случаях и не менее чем на протяжении двух недель после серьезных нагрузок, дрессировок и соревнований. Рекомендуется профилактическое ежедневное применение половины указанной дозировки для пожилых собак, ведущих активный образ жизни. Препарат не конфликтует с другими препаратами ветеринарной грибной аптеки и фармакологическими препаратами.
Смесь полностью готова к употреблению и не требует дополнительной обработки. В зависимости от привычек питомца смесь можно предлагать как есть, или смешав с жидкой, полужидкой или влажной пищей (суп, бульон, каша, консервы, увлажненный сухой корм и т. п.).

More information about ingredients:


Chaga contains water–soluble chromogens – derivatives of phenolic aldehydes, polyphenols, oxyphenol carboxylic acids and their quinones, as well as humin-like chaga acid (up to 60%), polysaccharides (beta-glucans), lignin, fiber, phytosterols (for example, lanosterol and ergosterol), pteric compounds, organic acids (including oxalic acid up to 4.5%), triterpenic acids (including betulinic acid), free phenols, salts of silicon, iron, aluminum, calcium, magnesium, sodium, zinc, copper, manganese, potassium. The pronounced physiological activity of chaga preparations is due to the presence of a large amount of chaga acid, which dissolves in water and gives the infusions of this mushroom a brown hue. Chaga increases the protective reactions of the body and activates the metabolism in the brain tissue. Chaga has an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect. The mushroom quickly relieves pain and dyspeptic phenomena, normalizes intestinal function, increases overall tone. Treatment with chaga improves the overall condition.

Cetraria Icelandic (Icelandic moss)

The layers of lichen cetraria Iceland contain up to 70-80% carbohydrates (mainly lichen starch lichenin and isolichenin), sugar (glucose and galactose), 0.5-3% protein, 1-2% fat, 1% wax, about 3% gum, about 3% pigments and 3 to 5% lichen acids (usnin, protolichesterin, lichesterin, fumarprotocenter, etc.).
In official medicine, Icelandic moss is used very widely. The enveloping effect on the mucous membrane of the digestive tract helps to stabilize the excretory function of the gastric glands in hyperacid gastritis, gastric and duodenal ulcers, colitis, diarrhea, weakens vomiting. Antitussive, antiemetic, enveloping effect of cetraria preparations is due to the presence of polysaccharides. Mucous substances also act envelopingly on the mucous membrane of the upper respiratory tract, therefore they are used for bronchitis with a strong cough, bronchial asthma, tuberculosis, whooping cough, chronic bronchial catarrh. The Icelandic cetraria is a valuable immunomodulator. Polysaccharides of Icelandic moss have antihypotoxic properties, belong to interferonostimulants and adaptogens. Trace elements of Icelandic cetraria (Fe, Mn, Cu, Co, Mo, B, Cr, Ni, Ti, I) and vitamin B12 are involved in redox reactions and are necessary for the processes of growth and hematopoiesis, so it is recommended to take cetraria to recover from debilitating severe diseases, exhaustion, dystrophy, muscle weakness, malignant anemia and blood diseases. Cetraria is perfectly combined in complex treatment with other mushrooms and herbs, tinctures, collections as the main or additional means.

Turmeric is long

Turmeric rhizome powder contains vitamins, amino acids, essential oils (the oils contain sesquiterpene ketones, sesquiterpine-tsingiberon, borneol, starch, camphor, oskalatas, etc.), fellandren, trace elements and other active components. Turmeric is effective for angina and bronchopulmonary diseases, diseases of the stomach and food tract, is used to purify the blood, diabetes, asthma, anemia, as a wound healing agent, infectious eczema, arthrosis, rheumatism and arthritis, joint and spine pain, inflammation of the gums and eyes.

Chicken egg membrane

The membrane of a chicken egg is a find of the last few years of research (2017-2020), already actively used in the West by athletes and elderly people. This inner lining film is rich in glycosaminoglycans (including chondroitin sulfate and hyaluronic acid) and collagen. Glycosaminoglycans provide lubrication for joints and the effect of their cushioning. Glycosaminoglycans are used by the body for the biosynthesis of proteoglycans, which have a very strong affinity for water molecules in the joints, with which they bind and form very large slippery space-filling molecules. The function of these large combined molecules is to enhance cushioning, as well as to lubricate the joints.
Regular use of the membrane reduces joint pain in just 7-10 days. The membrane of a chicken egg effectively reduces the level of joint inflammation; it has been clinically proven that it protects articular cartilage under stress and from agents that cause inflammatory processes.

Green (green-lipped) mussel meat

This product is produced on marine farms in Australia and New Zealand, where green mussels are grown. The natural extract contains a complex of glycogen (the main anti-inflammatory substance), polyunsaturated fatty acids (secondary anti-inflammatory substances and analgesic effect), lipids (gastroprotective activity), glycosaminoglycans (lubrication of joints, their cushioning properties and constant “maintenance” and “repair” of cartilage) and marine minerals (maintaining a healthy level of metabolism in cells).
The main anti-inflammatory effect is due to the glycogen complex, which has the ability to suppress the migration of neutrophils from blood vessels into tissues. This means that there is an inhibition (suppression) of the attack of killer cells (neutrophils) on our own cells when there is a release of inflammatory mediators. Prevention of inflammation with associated symptoms of pain and reduced mobility is a basic requirement for the treatment of arthritis. Glycosaminoglycans, substances of the polysaccharide group, including chondroitin and dermatan sulfates, as well as hyaluronic acid, provide lubrication for joints and the effect of cushioning. Glycosaminoglycans are used by the body for the biosynthesis of proteoglycans, which have a very strong affinity for water molecules in the joints, with which they bind and form very large slippery space-filling molecules. The function of these large combined molecules is to enhance cushioning, as well as to lubricate the joints.
Green mussel meat extract prevents the destruction of joint cartilage. It is known that the activity of certain enzymes induced by cytokines accelerates the disruption of processes in cartilage, and, thus, the suppression of this enzymatic activity is very desirable. Laboratory studies have shown that the extract suppresses the activity of cytokines, which would lead to the production of enzymes responsible for this process.
In addition, according to clinical studies, natural extract of green mussel meat is a useful tool for the treatment of osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout and other inflammatory diseases, as well as muscle pain.