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FungiDog “Antiparasite” • 120 g

Vendor: 1024b407decd Categories: Mushroom veterinary medicine


The collection “Antiparasite” has been tested on dogs of various breeds and has shown high effectiveness of anthelmintic action. Chanterelle, birch sponge and pumpkin seeds, selected in an optimal proportion, will help in the most difficult and neglected cases. A soft natural tool for getting rid of helminths. There are no consequences, as when taking chemicals.


An effective union of the mushroom and vegetable kingdoms will ruthlessly crush representatives of the animal kingdom – helminths
Chanterelle D-mannose and beta-glucans destroy the shell of adult helminths, their eggs and cysts, and trigger a specific antiparasitic defense mechanism in the body
Interacting with chanterelle, birch sponge enhances its anthelmintic effect and strengthens and supports the pet’s body
Pumpkin seeds, dried in the sun and ground with a shell, activate the liver and fight helminths due to cucurbitin
Chitinous remnants of birch sponge and the fiber of pumpkin seeds remove slags and toxins accumulated as a result of the vital activity of helminths and formed after their death
The drug does not have a toxic effect on the body, unlike chemical anthelmintic drugs
It is especially indicated for diseases of the kidneys, gallbladder, stomach and liver, against which the use of anthelmintic medications is strictly prohibited

Yellow chanterelle (Cantharellus cibarius) powder of fruit bodies
Birch sponge (Piptoporus betulinus) powder of fruit bodies
Pumpkin seeds (Cucurbita pepo) with a shell, ground whole

Activated (frozen) fine powders of wild chanterelles and birch sponge were used to compile the matrix (mushrooms are dried at a temperature of 30-35 ° C, which ensures complete preservation of pharmacological qualities), as well as unpeeled pumpkin seeds dried in the sun. The drug contains a full range of anthelmintic and supportive components necessary to effectively rid the dog of parasites. The mixture is completely ready for use and does not require additional processing.

В банке содержится 120 грамм смеси.

Препарат следует принимать строго согласно графической инструкции, размещенной на банке или на сайте, которая учитывает вес питомца. Норма приема указана в граммах и в чайных ложках, причем имеется ввиду чайная ложка БЕЗ ВЕРХА. Для полноценного очищения организма собаки от паразитов рекомендуется использовать курс не менее двух недель подряд ежедневно. В дальнейшем прием можно повторять как профилактический один раз в месяц на протяжении недели. Препарат не конфликтует с другими препаратами ветеринарной грибной аптеки и фармакологическими препаратами.
Смесь полностью готова к употреблению и не требует дополнительной обработки. В зависимости от привычек питомца смесь можно предлагать как есть, или смешав с жидкой, полужидкой или влажной пищей (суп, бульон, каша, консервы, увлажненный сухой корм и т. п.). С учетом возможной массовой гибели гельминтов в запущенных случаях рекомендуются очистительные клизмы.

Detailed description of the action of the ingredients:

Yellow chanterelle

Chanterelles are valuable anthelmintic fungi due to the monosaccharide D-mannose (chitinmannose). Chitinmannose is a natural anthelmintic, so chanterelle helps to easily get rid of any worm infestations. This polysaccharide is able to break through the outer cover of the worm, penetrate the nerve ganglion and cause blocking of its nervous system. And the disturbed work of the worm’s nervous system leads to the death of the parasite. D-mannose works against helminths that infect animal and human organisms. The effect of D-mannose extends to the eggs and cysts of worms. After all, helminths, being in the body of a person or an animal, constantly lay a huge number of eggs — this is their way of survival. Even if an adult dies, dozens of others will take its place after a while. In this case, the outer shell of the egg or cyst, being subject to dissolution by D-mannose, loses its protective function, which always leads to the death of eggs. It is especially important that the surrounding healthy tissues do not suffer from this death, because standard anthelmintic therapy is carried out with sufficiently toxic drugs that have a large number of side effects and often negatively affects the body. Having no serious side effects, chanterelle extracts compare favorably with conventional antiparasitic therapy. In addition to D-mannose, there are other polysaccharides in the common chanterelle — β-glucans, which trigger a specific antiparasitic defense mechanism in the body. It consists in the activation of specific leukocytes — eosinophils, which are capable of destroying both small parasites and even large worms. Eosinophils have a substance (protein) known as MBP (from eng. Major Basic Protein), contained in eosinophil granules. After activation, the eosinophils begin their attack, releasing MBP near the helminth and damaging the external membrane of the parasite, literally “piercing” it. Anthelmintic preparations from chanterelles are especially effective in enterobiosis, teniosis, trichocephalosis, ascariasis, opisthorchiasis, clonorhosis, schistosomiasis and giardiasis.

Birch sponge

Interacting with chanterelle, birch sponge enhances its anthelmintic effect and strengthens and supports the pet’s body.
Acting on the liver, birch sponge stabilizes its work. As a result, the process of splitting fats improves, metabolism increases and fat deposition in the body stops, as well as the elimination of the consequences of helminthic invasion accelerates.

Pumpkin seeds

Unpeeled pumpkin seeds are an effective anthelmintic for humans and pets. Their active protein, cucurbitin, causes fading (paralysis) and subsequent death of intestinal parasites. The largest amount of it is contained in the film located between the seed peel and its core, so only raw seeds that have undergone natural drying are used in our collection. To process pumpkin seeds, the liver produces a large amount of bile. Similarly, the liver reacts to proteins secreted by dead parasites. As a result, helminths are washed out of the bile ducts into the small and then into the large intestine. Due to the special mechanism of action of pumpkin seeds on worms, dead worms do not linger in the dog’s body and are usually quickly excreted naturally. At the same time, they do not damage the mucous tissues of the intestinal walls and do not disrupt its normal operation. Pumpkin seeds work great against giardia, roundworms (pinworms, ascaris), tapeworms (bovine and pork tapeworms), stop the growth of liver flukes. In case of serious worm infestations of parasites accumulated in the colon, in some cases it is necessary to eliminate them in a timely manner with the help of a cleansing enema in order to prevent decomposition with subsequent toxic effect.
The amino acids and fiber contained in pumpkin seed make it possible to cleanse the body of toxins and waste products of helminths in a short time. Vitamins and minerals included in their composition (P, K, Mg, Fe, etc.) restore well-being after deworming.