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Shiitake double extract • 50 ml

Categories: Double Extract


Shiitake (Lentinula edodes) is a mushroom known throughout the world, containing a large amount of amino acids and polysaccharides with antitumor and antioxidant properties. This is an effective remedy against warts, papillomas, bacterial and viral infections (including herpes viruses and covid). The mushroom is able to reduce high cholesterol levels and optimize the balance of beneficial microflora in the human intestine.

Not a medicine. Consult your physician before use. The manufacturer (seller) is not responsible for the occurrence of undesirable consequences as a result of taking the product:
• In case of violation of the instructions for use, in particular when the recommended dosage is exceeded;
• If there are contraindications listed in the instructions.



• Benign (polyps, adenomas, fibroadenomas, papillomas, fibroids) and malignant formations of any location. As a preventative measure, as an addition to primary therapy and rehabilitation.
• Viral diseases (herpes, HPV, EBV, CMV, chicken pox, hepatitis B, C), influenza. Suitable for HIV infection. Immunodeficiencies.
• Respiratory diseases.
• Diseases of the cardiovascular system: after strokes and heart attacks, hypertension, anemia, atherosclerosis, varicose veins.
• Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (oral cavity, stomach, intestines, rectum), pancreas, liver (hepatitis, cirrhosis), dysbacteriosis, habitual constipation. • Diabetes mellitus of both types, metabolic syndrome, pathological course of menopause, obesity.
• Diseases of the kidneys, genitourinary system, hidden sexually transmitted infections, decreased sexual function in men.
• Disease of lymph and blood.
• Autoimmune diseases: multiple sclerosis, SLE, scleroderma, polyarthritis.
• Nervous system disorders: stress, neuroses.
• Women’s diseases: menstrual irregularities, endometriosis, polyps, inflammatory diseases.
• Joint diseases, osteochondrosis.
• Fungal diseases, as well as diseases caused by antibiotic-resistant types of bacteria (coccal flora, Klebsiella, tuberculosis, listeriosis, mycoplasmosis, ischerichiosis, etc.)
• Protein deficiencies as a cofactor of provitamin D2.
• Anti-aging agent, rejuvenation.

Liquid extract of fruiting bodies of shiitake (Lentinula edodes) low-temperature drying.

Preventive effects

1 pipette 2 times a day 20 minutes before meals.

Addition to main therapy or as monotherapy

2 pipettes 2-3 times a day 20 minutes before meals.

An addition to complex preparations that contain shiitake to enhance its effect

1 pipette 2-3 times a day, 20 minutes before meals. Course according to the intended purpose of the complex.

Like many mushrooms grown or grown in an ecologically clean environment, shiitake accumulates the entire necessary range of micro- and macroelements in its fruiting bodies. Including mushrooms in the diet is especially important for people living in urban environments and facing constant oxidative stress (disturbed sleep-wake cycles; nutritional imbalances and eating problems; chronic stress; adverse environmental factors; lack of physical activity).
Therefore, mushrooms are a unique and extremely promising product of our time, capable of covering the whole range of nutritional needs of a modern person.

• Shiitake is widely used in the food industry and is cultivated on a large scale throughout the world. Due to the high content and diversity of the amino acid spectrum, it is actively used as an element of dietary nutrition (keto, protein protocols). Shiitake is also rich in ergothioneine, a large number of polyphenolic compounds, polysaccharides, vitamins B, C, E, niacin, riboflavin, biotin, folic acid, as well as minerals: potassium, calcium, zinc, copper and magnesium. These qualities make shiitake a versatile component of functional nutrition and a nutraceutical that can be used as a seasonal adaptogen, a source of vitamins and antioxidants.

• Shiitake mushrooms have been used in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years, in this system they are classified as “tonic”. It was believed that they strengthen the body’s defenses, increase vitality and improve overall well-being. Traditionally, shiitake mushrooms were often prescribed to people with weak immune systems, breathing problems, general weakness or fatigue. Shiitake has now been well researched and has been found to contain large amounts of B-glucan compounds that can enhance the activity of immune cells, including natural killer (NK) cells, macrophages and dendritic cells. These compounds help stimulate the immune response and protect the body from pathogens. Lentinan, the main polysaccharide complex in shiitake, is being actively studied as an antitumor agent. This is a glucan with an immunostimulating effect, which has a proven antiproliferative effect against cancer cells of the colon, liver, cervix and many others and can be used at all stages of oncology.

• The mushroom has broad anti-inflammatory potential. It contains dietary fiber, which supports healthy digestion and helps prevent constipation. The fiber in shiitake mushrooms also acts as a prebiotic, promoting the growth of beneficial bacteria while increasing the synthesis of short-chain fatty acids. Shiitake is rich in ergothioneine, an extremely important antioxidant molecule that can regulate levels of hydrogen peroxide, nitric oxide and other pro-inflammatory cytokines. A 2006 Japanese study found a direct correlation between increased consumption of mushrooms high in ergothioneine and a lower incidence of dementia. In vitro and in vivo studies demonstrated the potent neuroprotective capabilities of ergothioneine, in which it reduced amyloid B-induced neuronal death and damage. Thanks to its high content of ergothioneine, shiitake is also capable of. protect the eyes from the development of cataracts, reduce the risks of developing cardiovascular diseases and protect the kidneys and liver from damage.

• The wide range of antifungal and antiviral activity of shiitake has long attracted the attention of pharmaceutical companies as a natural alternative to antibiotics and antivirals, which often have a high risk of side effects and increased resistance of infections to drug components. It is especially important to mention the presence of studies in which shiitake showed high activity against oncogenic strains of human papillomavirus (HPV), increasing the number of K cells and preventing the development of tumors associated with HPV infection.