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Tea “Shaman” • 220 g

Vendor: 56791bd22f1c Categories: Mushroom cuisine


Shaman tea is a unique therapeutic, preventive, detoxifying and tonic drink with antidepressant properties, made on the basis of shamanic traditions of the Altai Mountains. The recipe was obtained by us from a practicing shaman during the 2020 expedition for Altai petroglyphs and finalized in accordance with the provisions of modern integral medicine. The composition of tea includes the most bioactive wild mushrooms and plants of Altai: red fly agaric (at least 30% by volume!), chaga, sagan-daylya, chuksugbai (man-root), cedar pollen, etc. Brewing Shaman tea at least three times a week (from two teaspoons to one tablespoon per liter), you practically guarantee yourself excellent health, stable immunity, a surge of vital energy, and men also increase libido. And finally, Shaman tea is a very delicious drink (especially with cream) in a beautiful large (220 g!) jar.
Attention! Due to the high content of fly agaric, exceeding the recommended dosage of brewing can lead to negative consequences!

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Tea “Shaman” is a therapeutic, preventive and tonic drink developed on the basis of bioactive wild mushrooms and plants and has the following main effects:

  • toning effect, cheerfulness during the day
  • nootropic effect
  • adaptogenic and immunomodulatory effects
  • antiviral and antibacterial effect, reducing the frequency and severity of colds
  • anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect
  • pressure normalization
  • normalization of metabolism and detoxifying effect
  • pain relief
  • increased libido in men
  • the emergence of a stable positive psychological state, normalization of sleep
  • antidepressant

Main ingredients:

Red fly agaric (Amanita muscaria) crumb of dried hats
Chaga (Inonotus obliquus) dried sclerotia crumb
Sagan-daylya (Adams’ rhododendron) (Rhododendron adamsii) crumbs of dried leaves and twig tips
Man-root (Fischer’s milkweed) (Euphorbia fischeriana) crumb of dried roots
Siberian cedar pine (Pinus sibirica) pollen

A teaspoon is enough per liter.

It is best to brew at a temperature of 90 degrees for 10 minutes.

Store the finished broth in the refrigerator.

Description of the action of the main ingredients:

Red fly agaric

The mushroom has a powerful antibacterial activity, modulates immunity, promotes normalization of sleep and harmonious distribution of energy during the day. The fly agaric is prepared according to the technical specifications 10.89.19-001-115462384-2019 , is a registered dietary supplement and does not pose any danger to the recipient, regardless of his age. It helps to relieve excessive arousal and impulsivity, equalizes mood during the day, has a nootropic effect.


Chaga activates metabolism in brain tissue, normalizes the work of the stomach and intestines, has hypoglycemic and anti-lipid effects, helps to lower blood sugar levels. Chaga stimulates the immune system by exhibiting an immunomodulatory effect against cytokinins and interleukins and increasing the production and activity of macrophages and natural killers. Antiviral activity of chaga was confirmed due to the content of betulin, hypolone, lupeol and mycosterols. Chaga is one of the most powerful antioxidants in the world.

Sagan-daylya (Adams rhododendron)

The medicinal properties of sagan-dayl were known in the old days in India, China, Japan and Russia. Shamans used it in their rituals as a red fly agaric — to communicate with spirits. The famous rhododendron has a diuretic, diaphoretic, antipyretic, anti-inflammatory, hemostatic and tonic effect, normalizes blood pressure, is widely known as a powerful energizer. In modern prescriptions, sagan-dayl is responsible for restoring the mucosa after diarrhea and constipation, strengthening the walls of blood vessels, reducing pressure, relieving edema, inflammation and pain syndrome in arthritis, increasing immunity, eliminating inflammation in acute respiratory viral infections, reducing chronic fatigue, relieving insomnia and headaches. Sagan-dailya regulates metabolism, accelerates fat burning, has an antioxidant effect, improves microcirculation of skin blood flow and promotes cell rejuvenation. Effectively treats prostate adenoma, increases potency, reduces anxiety and emotional swings during menopause. Relieves hangovers and has a detoxifying effect.

Man-root (chuksugbai, Fisher’s milkweed)

In folk medicine of Siberia and the Far East, Fisher’s milkweed is prescribed for a wide variety of diseases: as a blood purifier, for pneumonia, tumors, peptic ulcer, kidney and bladder diseases, as a tonic and stimulant for severe general diseases. In general, the action of this plant is considered similar to the action of wild ginseng. Externally, man-root powder is applied to wounds, especially purulent ones, used for boils, abscesses, phlegmon, burns, and toothache. Fischer’s euphorbia regulates the exchange of male sex hormones in chronic prostatitis, prostate adenoma and testicular lesions. Also, the man-root is used in the restoration of blood after chemotherapy in cancer patients. Euphorbia prevents the growth of metastases, it is one of the few plants that help with leukemia. Increases the body’s defenses, stimulates hematopoiesis, is a powerful immunomodulator.

Cedar pollen (Siberian cedar pine)

Cedar pollen restores fragile capillaries and is effective in cardiovascular and eye diseases (diabetes with decreased vision and fragility of retinal vessels). Prevents skin aging and the occurrence of cancer processes, improves the elasticity of the skin and muscle system. Splitting fat deposits, cedar pollen promotes weight loss. It clearly reduces blood pressure, reduces blood viscosity and thereby prevents thrombosis, improves blood flow in brain cells, improves memory. Cedar pollen has immunomodulatory properties, as well as chaga, is the prevention of allergies, cancer, and diseases of the bronchopulmonary system, enhances sexual potency. it has a restorative, sedative and cosmetic effect on humans. In general, it normalizes metabolic processes, enriches the body with useful micro- and macroelements.
Cedar pollen has a proven nootropic effect: it increases the flexibility of the mind, initiative, returns the optimism inherent in a healthy person, relieves chronic fatigue, improves memory. It is useful for people of intellectual work, promotes clarity of thought, the emergence of new ideas, rapid assimilation of new material. Recommended for elderly people.