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Antigout • 60 capsules


“Antigout • 60 capsules” – our innovative natural collection will help to effectively cope with gout in all its manifestations. Gout is usually associated with an excess of meat in the diet. Purines from meat are converted into uric acid, which is deposited in the form of crystals in the joints and in the form of kidney stones. It is very painful and dangerous.

It is not a medicine or dietary supplement, consult a specialist before taking.


Scaly squamous is the main component of our anti-gout collection. Its fruiting bodies contain a unique substance, which is a derivative of phenylpropanoids. This compound, called squarrosidine, inhibits the enzyme xanthine oxidase. Xanthine oxidase causes crystallization of uric acid in the joints, which causes gouty arthritis, and inhibitors of this enzyme are used clinically to treat gout.

The larch polysaccharide contains the polysaccharide lanofil. Clinical trials on the use of lanophil have shown that this polysaccharide causes the “lazy” liver to secrete the necessary enzymes that break down glucose and fats. In fact, this is tantamount to restoring a disturbed metabolism, which is especially important in the case of gout.

The pronounced physiological activity of chaga preparations is due to the presence of a large amount of chaga acid, which dissolves in water and gives the infusions from this fungus a brown tint, as well as polysaccharides and triterpenoids. Chaga is an excellent antioxidant and has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects in gout.

Possible contraindications – individual intolerance to individual components.

The manufacturer advises not to exceed the maximum recommended dosage, as this can lead to the appearance of negative symptoms, deterioration of well-being. With strict adherence to the recommendations for taking a tea drink, it should not cause side effects.

In case of non-compliance with the instructions for use, the manufacturer (seller) is not responsible for possible adverse consequences, including deterioration in well-being.


Scale squamous (Ganoderma lucidum) powder of fruiting bodies
Larch polypore (Phallus impudicus) powder of fruiting bodies
Chaga (Inonotus obbliquus) sclerotia powder
Lingonberry (Vaccinium vitis-idaea) dried leaves

To compile the matrix, activated (frozen) fine powders of wild-growing scaly scales, larch tinder fungus and chaga, as well as dried and ground lingonberry leaves, were used. Drying of mushrooms is carried out at a temperature of 30-35°C, which ensures the full preservation of pharmacological qualities.

The drug contains components that block the crystallization of uric acid, the removal of urates, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects.

TU 10.85.19-003-115462384-2020 (dry instant tea drinks, freeze-dried and ground)
FUNGI LIFE LLC. TIN 9728041182, checkpoint 772801001. 117246, Moscow, Nauchny passage, 19. +7(985)2253337,

Shelf life and storage method: 24 months, store indoors without direct sunlight at a temperature of 5 to 25°C.

The course consists of 60 capsules of 0.55 g of powder each (total capsule weight 0.65 g) and is designed for 1 month of admission. Capsules should be taken two times a day, preferably in the morning, at least one hour before meals.

The course can be used prophylactically or symptomatically. In the acute phase, the dosage can be increased to 3-4 capsules per day, but it is desirable to simultaneously remove the pain syndrome using traditional means (for example, diclofenac).

During the period of taking the drug, it is recommended to drink an increased amount of fluid and follow the traditional recommendations for building a diet for gout.

The course does not conflict with other courses and pharmacological preparations, does not require breaks.

If you have a current medical condition or are taking medication, please consult a healthcare professional or occupational therapist before using this product.

For a long time, lingonberry leaves and fruits have been used as an effective folk remedy against gout, since all parts of the plant have a beneficial effect on the joints and the urinary system, and also have an analgesic effect.

Due to the diuretic, the amount of uric acid is reduced. The tannins contained in the leaves have an anti-inflammatory effect.

Cowberry catechins contribute to the restoration and strengthening of capillaries squeezed by inflamed tissues or damaged by uric acid crystals.